Sunday, 25 April 2010

Apples, Pears, Sunshine & Good times!

Another post on another fabulously sunny day! I thought I would fill you in with e few tales of my week just gone so pop those ice cubes in a glass and pour yourself a chilled drink before reading on...

Yesterday was the first time I have taken part in the Apples & Pears Crafty Wares Arts Market in Snienton and it was great. The sun was out & with it came the people! I met some lovely fellow crafters and market stall holders and even purchased a couple of items too - it's rude not to spend your pennies at these kind of things don't you agree?

The big yellow pot that you can see April modeling for me was a purchase from a lovely lady selling vintage bits & bobs. She had so many quirky little tins, baskets, books & other treasures with a story and I'm pleased to say that this yellow beauty will be accompanying me to many more fairs as I think it showcases my necklaces brilliantly! I shall be on the hunt for more exciting ways to dress my craft stalls now!

This little trinket I could not resist! It is by the wonderful Coco Rico and I just fell in love with their stuff. Hand cut from vinyl records the cool & quirky designs from them are just perfect for brightening up an outfit in a unique way - go on take a nosey at their shop!

This week I also turned my room into a bit of a mini factory as I started making my friends wedding stationary - yup the 3rd wedding commission this year! EXCITING! I know I have shared this design with you before but here's a reminder...

... now just the cutting and sticking part left to finish them off nicely! I think I'll get on with that today.

Ooo and I changed my hair this week too! How could I forget! Payday = Jo's trip to the hairdreser and I decided to go old school and cut my nice big fringe back in. It was a bit of a drastic change for me at first but I am used to it now and am pleased the fringe has joined me! So I shall leave you with my latest What I wore today drawing featuring my new hair...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

SUNSHINE! My favourite...

So the Sunshine is out on this lovely Sunday and I'm wearing a smile big enough for everyone so what better time to share some Hello Sunshine news with you all!

To start off here's sneaky peek in to a mini project I have been doing for a friend at Boots. The talented Laura Morland entered our company 'Dragons Den' competition not so long ago and although she didn't get first place, Boots are implementing her fantastic idea of a car share scheme! YAY for Laura! In light of this awesome opportunity Laura kindly asked me if I would design the logo to be used for the car share scheme - WOOP! So here are some of the doodles and designs I have come up with...

On another commission note, one with a summery yellow theme, I'd like to share a few pictures of the wedding Invites I have just finished for my friend Kim. The design that Kim chose is beautiful and I am very pleased with the way they have turned out - I hope her guests are just as pleased when the pretty invite lands on their door mat!

Yesterday was spent in the Nottingham Craft Mafia shop Get Made. With the shiny new layout inside and the sun shining through the windows it was a cheerful & lovely place to be... a shame it was a bit quiet on the customer front but all the same I enjoyed my day in there pottering round and adding to my ever growing To Do List. I couldn't resist taking some snaps while I was in there as I am very proud of the work that April and I put in on the 1st of the month hoisting the interior round. Now a few more Mafia members have been in and added their tweaks to the place and more stock it looks fab... well I'll stop waffling and you can see for yourself...

A final bit of Hello Sunshine news from the world of Jo... I have entered a Sunflower completion at work in aid of MacMillon Cancer support I have 2 sunflower seeds in an envelope ready to be planted in my back garden. The tallest will be the winner but if I'm honest I'm just excited about growing my own bit of sunshine in the garden! Go team Sunshine!

Friday, 16 April 2010

EVENT SNIPPET: Apples & Pears Crafty Wares : Sat 24th April

I've been a bit rubbish lately with the old blog and online scene but I promise I'll post something a little more indepth soon! In the mean time get Sat 24th in your diary and prepare to pop along to another delicious Apples & Pears craft fair! Aim your sunny thoughts our way and we'll see you there! Ta Ta For Now! x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Va Va Voom.... and ding dong the bells are gonna shine!

A bit of a random mix for a post but just to fill you in on a couple of bits I have been up to over the Easter jollies.

The Va va voom is a little shout about my new cards that I have just made and plan to unleash at the Apples & Pears Craft fair on 24th April! Have a gander and let me know what you think! It is my way of getting that little bit closer to the one I shall one day own... ok so I'm not any closer but it makes me feel happy drawing them!

I have 3 vans so far that I am using in my card designs and have created two variants. One is a mini version of the van on the front of the card and the other is a blown up version. I like both equally but I am unsure of the text on the blown up one... feedback would be muchos appreciated if any of you have any thoughts too?

The next bit of my update is not to do with me getting married in the morning (did I have you wondering?... No?... ok I shall continue....) A friend at work asked me to do her wedding stationary a few months back and after many a swapsies of drawings, samples & diamontes here are the final invitations. I am mighty pleased with how they have turned out and I hope the bride to be is just as happy!

Wedding Invitation (Front)
Inside of Invite with RSVP card attached

Table Name card & RSVP card

Poem Card insert for invitations

Now... to remove the diamonte that seemed to want to superglue itself to me rather than an invitation... How very RUDE!

Have a good week lovely readers!