Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I hope you are all well and wrapped up warm? It's mighty chilly here in Nottingham and the ground has a fluffy blanket of snow on - so pretty!
So.... have any of you made any resolutions? I have never really made them before but this year I though I needed to set myself some goals... so here they are:

*Draw at least one thing a day
*Aim to get Hello Sunshine in more shops and online
*Working towards a full time job being creative
*Take more 'Jo time' to relax, pamper and read more

Anypoops, I hope you haven't missed me too much since my Crimblemas Day post?!?! I must admit I forgot how hectic and time consuming packing your life into boxes can be! But here I am in the New Year in my New House! YAY! It feels so great, not only because I have achieved my 'New Year = New House' mission but also because I now have my own precious space..... and a CAT!

Meet Rocky. He's around 8 months old now, he dons his black and white suit with pride and charms everyone who sets foot in the house. I love the cheeky little monkey and am looking forward to having a cat around the house muchos!

I must apologise for the lame picture quality as I am still without a camera and my phone is.... well pants! But for now I leave you with a couple of pictures of my new sanctuary in all of it's jumble sale-esque glory.

I have lots of storage & shelves to plan & purchase for after pay day so I promise you better pictures when all is complete and my shiny new camera has arrived!

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