Sunday, 31 January 2010

Love is in the air....

So... Mac has gone to the Mac Doctors and I'm back at my folks doing things old school on the family desk top - thank goodness I was able to save some files here that I can work with. Plus now I can catch up with you all too!

As you all probably know Valentines Day is but 2 weeks away so I have a few bits and bobs to share with you. I have been a busy bee making a selection of Hello Sunshine Lapel Pins, cards and decorations especially for you to treat your loved ones with!

First up is my cheeky selection of Valentines Cards available in my Folksy & Etsy shops

Please click for a larger image

I am also introducing you to 2 of my new Lapel Pin badges that are also in my Folksy & Etsy shops. Go forth and browse....

But that's not all.... Oh no! Get yourself down to Get Made at The Malt Cross, St James Street, Nottingham for a much wider selection of my cards and more Lapel Pins & Pin Badges perfect for your Valentine!

Due to limited numbers I cannot list all of my different cards and Pins online but check out my Flickr page for what treats will be available over the next few weeks & feel free to get in touch if you're after a personalised Valentine Card!

Quick blast of excitment....

My good friend April, of April Marie Textiles, pointed out that the recent banner I designed for the Nottingham Craft Mafia website has been featured on the Nottingham Creative website :) Click here to go to the Creative Nottingham site...


Sunday, 24 January 2010

Getting ready for the month of Lurve!

It's been a busy Sunday to top off a mentally busy week! I feel like I should still be in bed cuddled up (I'm sure that's the law on a Sunday) ...But my To Do list will only grow and eventually get up and eat me in the night if I don't keep on at it! Plus Friday night was the night of our work's 'Merchandising Big Night Out' so I cant complain I don't play as hard as I work!

So a few quick updates for you from the world of Jo... Top Stories:

Merchandising Big Night Out:
Before Christmas I wrote about some marketing material I was doing for a work night out which was this weekend. It was a fab night, lots of people turned up in their party dresses & enjoyed the food, drinkies & cheesy choones. I was very proud to see my designs used around the room that night, from Tickets to table plans & place cards! Muchos fun!

Valentines Day:
I have muchos newbies to share with you as soon as they are packaged and looking pretty for their photographs to be taken. The include new Lapel pins, hanging laser cut decorations & pin badges as well as new cards for Valentines day! It's all rather exciting! Here's a peek at some of my card designs...

MEATBALLS! Enough said really! I filled my tummy with tasty food, my pockets full of mini pencils & my big blue bag with bits I've been after for a while now. A successful trip which inspired my 'What I wore today' drawing...

Get Made Shopping Evening:
It's now been moved to Feb 1st so I've show the poster a lil' love and used one of my newest doodles as the illustration... Hope you all like it and are free to come spend some time and pennies at this brilliant event! You know you want to!

Handmade Nation:
I volunteered to do the Posters, Flyers & Tickets for the screening of Handmade Nation that will be on at Broadway in March. I am currently working on this today and sorting through my ideas to present to the Craft Mafia Dons & Broadway for their approval... Watch this space for pictures & updates. In the mean time check out the Handmade Nation Blog! AWESOME STUFF!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Slowly settling in...

Well it's all starting to come together now...

I now have my printer, scanner and new camera (YAY!) all ready and raring to go... I just need the desk space and shelving to organise it all along with the rest of my boxes of life essential bits and bobs!

I have been a busy bee this evening creating another 'What I wore today' image which I like so much I'm planning on using for my website homepage:

I have finally managed to update my Flickr with some of my more recent adventures too so feel free to check it out if you have a spare few momento's...

I also took moving house as a nice excuse to send out some pretty handmade post to my friends and family. I LOVE getting post, it's so exciting! So I hope my little postcards give others the same warm fuzzy feeling it gives me... would you be pleased to receive one?

Monday, 11 January 2010

:: What I wore today :: 2010 ::

This year I aim to draw at least one outfit per week for this fabulous obsession! I've had a bit of a jiggle and decided I need a bit of a refresh. So this is the new look for my What I wore today drawings for the new year! Lets hope I can share some good outfits & drawings with you in 2010!

What I wore over Christmas...

Being without a scanner & t'interweb lately, I have been a bit rubbish with my crafty adventure updates but I have been a busy bee and kept my pencil scribbling! ... and now I can finally share some of what I was up to over Christmas with you, well what I was wearing over Christmas anyway!

Better late than never eh?

Trying to look 'smart' for work
More work chic
Braving the streets for a bit a festive shopping
On my Christmas present wrapping missionFancy Dress Xmas Eve Eve House Party - muchos fun!

New Nottingham Craft Mafia Banner Design

Click to see the Daddy version!

A sneaky peak of what's to be the January NCM website banner. Hope you like!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I hope you are all well and wrapped up warm? It's mighty chilly here in Nottingham and the ground has a fluffy blanket of snow on - so pretty!
So.... have any of you made any resolutions? I have never really made them before but this year I though I needed to set myself some goals... so here they are:

*Draw at least one thing a day
*Aim to get Hello Sunshine in more shops and online
*Working towards a full time job being creative
*Take more 'Jo time' to relax, pamper and read more

Anypoops, I hope you haven't missed me too much since my Crimblemas Day post?!?! I must admit I forgot how hectic and time consuming packing your life into boxes can be! But here I am in the New Year in my New House! YAY! It feels so great, not only because I have achieved my 'New Year = New House' mission but also because I now have my own precious space..... and a CAT!

Meet Rocky. He's around 8 months old now, he dons his black and white suit with pride and charms everyone who sets foot in the house. I love the cheeky little monkey and am looking forward to having a cat around the house muchos!

I must apologise for the lame picture quality as I am still without a camera and my phone is.... well pants! But for now I leave you with a couple of pictures of my new sanctuary in all of it's jumble sale-esque glory.

I have lots of storage & shelves to plan & purchase for after pay day so I promise you better pictures when all is complete and my shiny new camera has arrived!