Sunday, 13 December 2009

Germs, Jewels, Postcards & Festivities!

First of all I must apologise for my lack of blogging lately... the past month has been much of a glittery whirlwind and now I find myself succumbing to the germs and finally having to rest. It's rude really as I still have lots to get on with! Anywho... let me fill you in with a few bits and bobs....

A while ago now I submitted 4 of my bird-tastic pretties for the Postcard show at The Surface Gallery and on the 5th December the exhibition opened. I have yet to shuffle myself on down there but I have seen some photos and borrowed them from the galleries site to share with you... see if you can spot two of my cheeky little bird postcards amongst the other fantastic & beautiful submissions.

Talking of the Surface Gallery I shared a stall with my good friend April at their Christmas Arts & Craft fair which went brilliantly! Despite freezing my tootsies and other bits off I have a very successful weekend and it was the confidence boost I needed to back up my newest jewellery! I am a very happy bunny indeed and have even been out to pur-chase some nice smart black jewellery boxes and organza bags to add more shinysupernewandexcitingness to my work.
As well as being busy with craft fairs and festive sales, I have been creating a few sunshine commissions too which I always love doing. The below piccies w are of my most recent and I'm very pleased with them. Just hope that the recipients are as happy on Christmas Morning!
The last image is a work in progress hence the lame text attempt at the momento... finished pne to follow soon!)

And now for the pretties... Jo's shiny new pretties which were a kind of 'Hi-5 Me!' for all the work I've been doing Well that's how I justify it anyway... I'm sure you will all agree when you see the wonderful prettiness! Behold....

1. Tatty Devine Colouring in Pencil 2. Dandy Purse Pink and Lilly 3. Yumi Butterfly Tunic
4. Uttam London Sparkly Beautiful dress 5. Wren Sparrow Clutch Pink and Lilly
6. Adio Kinsley Trainers Two Seasons

Ok.. so before you get bored and fall off your chairs I shall wind down. I fear I have a chest infection and as much as I'd like to ramble on at you evermore I must rest. So until next time, which I promise won't be as long, I bid you all Good Night!

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