Sunday, 22 November 2009


Morning all!

Just a quickie today to share my latest commission which I completed and handed over last week. I got given an adorable Elephant card and my mission... to copy it onto a 60 x 60cm canvas. 'Eeep!' was my first thought but after roughly a day and a half of therapeutic brush handling and covering myself in paint, I stood back with a massive cheesy grin and felt very proud of what I achieved :)

Et.... Voila!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Christmas Goodies a Go-Go!

Well it's been a month late coming but finally I can tell you all about my crimblemas cards, jewellery and other goodies :) I must apologise in advance for the poor quality of my jewellery photo's though. My poor camera decided it liked to vibrate rather than take pictures so I am awaiting a new one!

Rather than me babble at you...feast your eyes on these...

Each of these crimblemas characters are available in each design layout so you can pick your favourite! Also available as Festive Pin Badges.Wooden & Acrylic Laser cut jewellery to tickle your festive fancy!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Busy busy bee...

Phew! What a mad couple of weeks it has been! At least it's been a productive time though :)

I'm well into making all of my Christmas goodies now - although I was hoping to have had everything finshed a month ago so I'm a tad behind! Although I have had a lot of commissions to deal with so I can't complain :) I thought I'd share a few with you...

This poster is the start of the very latest piece of work I have done for my department at work. I'm now part of the team organising the event and in charge of all of the marketing material designs. Exciting!

I have also just finished putting together a yummy recipe book for Children in Need which we are selling at work in order to raise lots of pennies... here's a peek at the book...I've picked a few of the pages to share but don't want to spoil it be giving away too much!

I've also been busy creating three more Sunshines for people for Christmas which has been muchos fun! I love doing work for other people, it's got to be the biggest compliment and it's a great feeling making someone smile! I think I've caught up with you all now! There's probably a million and one other things I could waffle on about but I'll spare you :) I'll try and arrange some pictures of my Christmas shop goodies for the next post...