Sunday, 27 September 2009

Where did September go?

Wow, I can't believe it's October this week! September has been a bit of a manic month and has seemingly flown by! I better sum up my last weekend of the month...which was very Autumnal...

On Saturday I was up early to help my friend April model some of her beatifully cuddly crochet products with a couple of friends. We all headed to Wollaton Park which is a childhood haunt for me and a place which holds many fun time memories. After strolling through the wooded areas round the lake, feeding the dusks and kicking up autumn leaves April managed to get some fantastic photos, and although I have a crusty cornflake coldsore on my face right now the pics looked pretty good! Keep your eye on April's new website for the pics and check out her beautiful products! Perfect for the months ahead!

Aside from a spot of modelling I've been doodling, catching up with much needed rest and working on a recipe book for Children in need... stay tuned for sneaky peeks at my progress with that mini project! In the meantime here's what I wore this weekend... I told you I'm addicted!

Click to enlarge the trio...

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