Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A touch of Cimblemas!

This week is feeling rather festive as much as I hate to say in the middle of September. Working for a big company means Christmas starts now and I am currently a lady of the night, as it were, building Christmas planners and stock in store at Fosse Park.

Last night was a killer humping round shelves and putting out POS and I finally slumped into my warm cozy bed at 4.30am this morning (Ouch!) On the plus side tonight we should start putting stock out which means PRETTIES! I may take a pen and paper and start taking notes for Santa! Heehee

On another festive note a colleague of mine is a member of slimming world and asked if I'd illustrate a poster for her group. The poster is to encourage the weight loss leading up to Christmas so I picked a Presents for Pounds theme. Each pound they loose they can colour in a present.

Apparently everyone loves the poster and my friends has told me it may get photocopied for all of the Slimming World groups in Nottingham. Woop!

Anywho, enough Crimblemas talk now... I think I need more quality time with my quilt, pillows and teddy! Enjoy your lunch and for now... N'night!

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