Sunday, 27 September 2009

Where did September go?

Wow, I can't believe it's October this week! September has been a bit of a manic month and has seemingly flown by! I better sum up my last weekend of the month...which was very Autumnal...

On Saturday I was up early to help my friend April model some of her beatifully cuddly crochet products with a couple of friends. We all headed to Wollaton Park which is a childhood haunt for me and a place which holds many fun time memories. After strolling through the wooded areas round the lake, feeding the dusks and kicking up autumn leaves April managed to get some fantastic photos, and although I have a crusty cornflake coldsore on my face right now the pics looked pretty good! Keep your eye on April's new website for the pics and check out her beautiful products! Perfect for the months ahead!

Aside from a spot of modelling I've been doodling, catching up with much needed rest and working on a recipe book for Children in need... stay tuned for sneaky peeks at my progress with that mini project! In the meantime here's what I wore this weekend... I told you I'm addicted!

Click to enlarge the trio...

Thursday, 24 September 2009

What I wore today...

Yesterday I donned my finest Purple wear for a 'Team Away Day' at work. After a morning of building campfires, cooking our lunch in the great outdoors and solving a murder mystery I'm pleased to say that our team won joint first for best 'Ready Steady Campfire Cook and my favourite purple mac survived the day... albeit coming away with a certain 'Eau de schmoke!'
Team Purple were magnificent during the Murder Mystery and although we didn't come in the top three we had a great time! Go Team Purple! And this was my outfit for the day...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tweetness & Light...

I have been doodling and playing with Mr Macelton lately, who is my Macbook for those of you who don't already know! ... and these two pretty pictures are the result of my new work so far :)
They will be made into cards and prints ASAP for out lovely 'Get Made' and I will try my bestest to have them on Etsy & Folksy for sale soon too!

Keep you eye's peeled for more lovelies and something for the boys very soon! Eeep Christmas is coming!

Friday, 18 September 2009

What I wore today..

I've noticed a group called 'What I wore today' on Flickr and have been admiring it for a while now and today I finally found time to pick up my pens and draw something for it! Yay!

You can also follow the blog, created by Gemma Correll. I think I may become addicted! Fantastic!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A touch of Cimblemas!

This week is feeling rather festive as much as I hate to say in the middle of September. Working for a big company means Christmas starts now and I am currently a lady of the night, as it were, building Christmas planners and stock in store at Fosse Park.

Last night was a killer humping round shelves and putting out POS and I finally slumped into my warm cozy bed at 4.30am this morning (Ouch!) On the plus side tonight we should start putting stock out which means PRETTIES! I may take a pen and paper and start taking notes for Santa! Heehee

On another festive note a colleague of mine is a member of slimming world and asked if I'd illustrate a poster for her group. The poster is to encourage the weight loss leading up to Christmas so I picked a Presents for Pounds theme. Each pound they loose they can colour in a present.

Apparently everyone loves the poster and my friends has told me it may get photocopied for all of the Slimming World groups in Nottingham. Woop!

Anywho, enough Crimblemas talk now... I think I need more quality time with my quilt, pillows and teddy! Enjoy your lunch and for now... N'night!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Birthday Nom!

I've been scribbling away and working on some new birthday card ideas... the ones I've done so far can be found on Flickr but here's one to whet your appetite...

Thursday, 3 September 2009

September Shopping Shinanigans

The Nottingham Craft Mafia's lovely little shop, Get Made, are having a shopping event in September. From Mon 14th to Sat 19th they will be open everyday 11-6pm...AND on Tuesday 15th they will be open 4-11pm offering a fantabulous 10% off everything for that evening only!

So get your pennies ready and enjoy some Shopping goodness with Get Made!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Birthday Sunshine!

It's a colleagues birthday (actually my boss!) coming up so as I'm quite poor and can't afford to donate much to the collection I volunteered myself to make her Birthday card and here she is.....

I'm tempted to do a selection of girly and macho Sunshines for birthday cards following the same 'Overloaded with presents' theme... so many ideas so little time *sigh*

On another quick note I did a few final drawings for my friends tattoo as she selected the a Bow design to go with... take a peek....