Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ponies, Poo and Paddling!

Another weekend, another adventure! Yup I've been off again and this time down to the New Forest part of town! After driving down Friday night, pitching in the dark and sleeping on twigs we awoke Saturday morning to find we were surrounded by poo! Ahhh so that was the smell!

However, once we moved to a pretty poo free pitch and had a hearty breakfast we could enjoy the beauty of the New Forest & welcome the wild wondering ponies there! 

We had a lovely weekend of rambling, road tripping, pub lunching, campfire cooking & card gaming in the torchlight. Oh and to complete the weekend a Sunday trip to the seaside for a spot of paddling and fish & chip lunch! AND I even have the rosy cheeks to show for it all! PERFIC!

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