Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Nice Surprise!

A few weeks back I was on a Microsoft Word course with work, passing the time away from my desk nicely! Anyway we were asked to find an image to use for one of the tasks so I thought I'd search my name and see if any of my work pops up on Google images... I know I'm a loser but it paid off with a nice suprise when I came across this blog:

Brönette is run by Brother & Sister team Brent & Shelby. The site is about "bringing you closer to the current creative forces in music, art & design and style from around the world". A treasure of a blog so check it out!

You can mosey on to the bit of their blog about me here and have a gooseygander yourself! Excitamating stuff! Definitely put a big cheesy grin on my face for the rest of the day... and a warm feeling in my tummy.

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