Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pining after Pretties...

I'm trying so hard not to spend pennies at the momento as in 6 weeks I am off to the BIG APPLE!

Big Woop!

Alas there are so many pretties out there tempting me to spend pennies.... this pair of mighty pretty Boots have been seducing me for a number of months now... and I'm still resisting... but for how long...?

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Tattoo Commissions

I have been asked by a friend at work to come up with some ideas for tattoos for herself & a friend. So running with the Fairy, Bow, Unicorn/Pegasus & Peacock feather themes I was given I've created these mood-boards.

Hopefully they will find something they like from these...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Working for the Mafia...

A fellow Nottingham Craft Mafia member and very talented Nottingham artist Gillian Lee Smith sent out a plea for help with some promotional material last night. Luckily I had my superhero pants and cape on and nipped in to offer my services :)

After a bit of geeking around and a splash of creativity....Ta daaaaaaaa!

You can view Gillian's beautiful work here.... go on have a nosey at her treasures!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ponies, Poo and Paddling!

Another weekend, another adventure! Yup I've been off again and this time down to the New Forest part of town! After driving down Friday night, pitching in the dark and sleeping on twigs we awoke Saturday morning to find we were surrounded by poo! Ahhh so that was the smell!

However, once we moved to a pretty poo free pitch and had a hearty breakfast we could enjoy the beauty of the New Forest & welcome the wild wondering ponies there! 

We had a lovely weekend of rambling, road tripping, pub lunching, campfire cooking & card gaming in the torchlight. Oh and to complete the weekend a Sunday trip to the seaside for a spot of paddling and fish & chip lunch! AND I even have the rosy cheeks to show for it all! PERFIC!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Geeking it up!

I have been using my time productively this week in order to get myself organised in the word of the t'interwebulatortron! I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere now too as I have just finished updating my Etsy site and finally managed to upload my work onto Folksy... AND I have a Flickr account all shiny, new and active! So click away and be nosey for a bit! 

Note to self : Sit on more comfortable chairs when playing on Mac.... my back aches a fair bit today...*sob*

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Nice Surprise!

A few weeks back I was on a Microsoft Word course with work, passing the time away from my desk nicely! Anyway we were asked to find an image to use for one of the tasks so I thought I'd search my name and see if any of my work pops up on Google images... I know I'm a loser but it paid off with a nice suprise when I came across this blog:

Brönette is run by Brother & Sister team Brent & Shelby. The site is about "bringing you closer to the current creative forces in music, art & design and style from around the world". A treasure of a blog so check it out!

You can mosey on to the bit of their blog about me here and have a gooseygander yourself! Excitamating stuff! Definitely put a big cheesy grin on my face for the rest of the day... and a warm feeling in my tummy.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Two Loves...

Sunflowers and tea! What more does a girl need to raise a smile on a rainy british day? These are a few doodles and ideas out of my pre-jollies sketchbook... 

More tea cups and pots to maybe use on my One Lump or Two , Stay True To The Brew , Tea for You & Potty cards

I've been wanting to add more colour and texture to my drawings for a while now and love the idea of layers, something I played with a lot in my earlier Munkybum range of work. These pleased me a little bit but not quite enough... not sure where to take anything yet... feeling in a bit of a rut right now... need to get my making mojo on but I think I left it in the sea with the fishies in Menorca... Eep!

Crash Bang back to reality


Well I"m back from my jollies in the sun, a much needed break filled with sand, sea, snorkeling, sunshine & fine food & beverages! The whole week in Menorca was lovely, everywhere we went looked just like pictures we'd seen in brochures and online - perfic beautifulness!

But don't just take my word for it though... have a nosey yourself...

Ok enough jolliday pics now before I put all 80 odd on here and bore you all... now where's my sketchbook?