Tuesday, 14 July 2009


For once it's not the sound of my tummy rumbling....

As much as I love the sunshine, I adore a good thunder storm! The rain has just been lashing down outside and as I was gazing into the dark night sky the most amazing fork of lightning I think I've ever seen struck down somewhere beyond my back garden. 


I've seen and been caught it a fair few awesome thunder storms but I can honestly say that a few moments ago, watching that massive lightning bolt split the sky, was actually the first time I felt scared... the same kind of scared I get when the waves in the sea are just that bit bigger and more powerful than me and the surfboard that I'm clinging too... It's the fear you get when you respect something of that power and magnitude!

Anywho... The weather seems to have eased off now and I'm a bit sleepy now so will stop my ramblings and enjoy the gentle pitterpatter of rain on my window.... 

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