Friday, 24 July 2009

Designer for the week!

Its been a rather snotty but exciting week in the world of Jo. My close friend April works for a school uniform company, Price & Buckland, as their Design & Print co-ordinator and as a hungry little bean keen to get into design I was lucky enough to spend the week there re-designing their Club Brochure. 

My brief was simple: to create a double sided document no bigger than A4 to send out to their existing customers who purchase clothing for their clubs (bowls/tennis/golf etc). After a day of researching pictures and ideas my creative little mind began whirring round and I came up with 3 designs over the week. Keeping the market and the companies current marketing 'look' in mind these are the ideas I came up with...

So after talking with April, the Club Customer Service contact and her boss, Anthony a design and layout was chosen. It's always rewarding when people like your work and I thrive off feedback so the whole week was a great experience for me and my CV. I got to spend the week catching up with April while drawing and designing with tea on tap... Happy Days.

The final Design chosen to go to print

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